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From the desk of Jim Ng, on the sunny day of (20th) July 2024

Dear Business Owner,

I know what you have been through.

You have been searching on the internet, hungry to find which marketing agency you want to work with.

Let me guess.

You have been hearing about all sorts of marketing strategies…
Whether it’s engaging someone for SEO services, Google Ads or Facebook Marketing…
Or the latest “TikTok” ads that you’ve to run to get customers.

Now you’re confused.

That’s how you landed on this website.

After speaking to more than thousands of business owners, we have come to realize one thing.

Most businesses do not suffer from a lack of leads and sales because they have a bad product or service.

It is because they do not take the action required to get their name out there in the marketplace.

If you are sick and tired of working with marketing agencies that offer nothing except plain talk…

And show you a report that shows you the number of “likes”, “reach”, “impressions” and “comments” that your social media postings on Facebook have…

And you want ACTUAL results like an increase of “LEADS”, “SALES”, and “REVENUE” for your company…

Then you are in the right place.

Simply stop the stress and frustration by working with a marketing agency like us that truly cares for your business.

You see…

We don’t simply take up any client that comes through our door.

We have a qualification process.

We make sure that your business is a good fit to work with us before we take you up and be able to deliver on results.

When you work with our digital marketing agency, we don’t get paid unless we achieve our KPIs.

If you would like to take your business to the next level, click on the button below to book in a call with one of our marketing strategists.

Wishing you the best for your business,

Jim Ng
General Manager
Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd




We partner up with you and do all the heavy-lifting for you in terms of generating leads, driving traffic, and ensuring that your revenue grows incredibly quickly.



We don’t get the heavy lifting done for you, but we’ll coach you through it. Get our proprietary training program designed to take your business to 6 and 7 figures FAST.



Use our proprietary software to create landing pages, funnels, marketing automation, sales pipelines and more. Get digital marketing done in-house by your team or yourself.

Your Return On Investment is what matters

If you are looking for a Website Designer, a Facebook Ads Specialist, a Google Ads Specialist, an SEO Specialist, it wouldn’t be a great fit for us to work together.


Because the only thing we care about in your business, is your return on investment.

We take your business to a whole new level with our conversion-focused strategies.

After battle testing hundreds of website designs, running hundreds of marketing campaigns, we have to know something about what works, and what doesn’t, right?

So that’s exactly what we do. 

As your trusted advisor, you do not tell us to move your logo 1px to the right, or increase the font size on your website by 2px.

We are the EXPERTS, we will use what has proven to convert and instead of you telling us what to do…

We will tell you what to do.

We give you more leads, sales and revenue through ACTUAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT – by means of actual conversions than you can possibly handle.

Best Seo Indonesia Offers SEO Services, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing That Brings You More Leads, Customers And Sales Than Your Team Can Possibly Handle

Search Engine Optimization (SEO SERVICES)

This is arguably the most profitable form of traffic that exists on planet earth. It’s FREE traffic where people search for your product or service on Google and find your website.

What if there was a machine where…For each time you put in $1, it would spit out $2? How much money would you put in the machine? That’s what Google Ads could potentially do for your business if used correctly.

With more than 115 million people being on Social Media just alone in Indonesia, the best place to capture people’s attention is Social Media. If you’re still not crafting social media marketing campaigns, you’re massively losing out to your competitors.

Customers are skeptical these days. Before committing to a purchase, customers are likely to perform a Google search for your brand online. If negative search results appear for your brand, we’re here to help you fix them.


“In 6 months, I spent around $11,200, and I closed 6 deals worth upwards of $161,000.”

Emmanuel Chiang
Millennial Real Estate Advisor
ERA Real Estate

“We went from 3 leads per month to 200 leads per month.

Our revenue increased from 5 to 6k per month to now 18k per month”

Darren Diong
Founder & Head Coach
Justswim Singapore

“Perfect, in three months time, the investment came back, two folds. That was very good.”

Alex Chia
Little Red Dot Florist

“Every month I get back a few times of ROI of what I put in”

Randy Wong
Founder & Head Chef
Oishi Pan Bakery



What these brands say

B Khoo
B Khoo
07:05 25 Mar 24
I had the pleasure of working with Jim recently, and it is a pleasant and professional experience. With their expertise and strategic approach, they were able to boost our online presence and drive meaningful results for our business.From the very beginning, Jim demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and target audience. Their tailored digital marketing strategies not only generated a noticeable increase in website traffic but also led to a significant uptick in quality leads.What truly sets Jim and his team apart is their commitment to transparency and communication. They kept us informed every step of the way, providing detailed reports and insights that helped us make informed decisions.Overall, I can confidently say that Jim is a top-notch digital marketer who delivers results. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their online presence to the next level. Thank you for your exceptional work!
One Man Many Guitars
One Man Many Guitars
06:47 16 Mar 24
Jim and team have truly made a difference in our online presence. They often propose ideas that lead to tangible results. Due to their assistance, our company has grown our lead generation capabilities and we are truly grateful to have them on our side as their efforts have indeed made a difference to our bottomline.
Jeremy Tan
Jeremy Tan
13:44 08 Mar 24
Jim and team at Best Marketing really pull out all the stops for our SEO campaign. They are very accommodating to our needs and super patience in guiding us throughout the process. Look forward to future collaboration..
Sharrine Tan
Sharrine Tan
09:43 23 Jan 24
Best Marketing is a valueable customer to us who always prompt in payment and coordinate with us completely.
Amanda Zhong
Amanda Zhong
09:10 07 Dec 23
Jim - a very driven, motivated person. Especially love his speedy replies, genuine and caring nature. Some one I can absolutely trust with my digital ad needs. Highly recommended!
Jeryl Yep
Jeryl Yep
14:36 07 Nov 23
Best marketing provided very professional and effective advice for us! And results were real, after beginning the SEO and SEM optimisation we received a lot more queries on a daily basis, and even had conversions from these queries. The results of the programme were so effective we even had overseas clients finding out about us which created new opportunities for overseas projects. We are happy with what the team had done for us and definitely recommend their services to anyone who is thinking of ramping up their SEO and SEM.
Eliza Yuen
Eliza Yuen
02:22 26 Oct 23
Good experience working with Jim and the team at Best Marketing Agency. They were professional, responsive, and took pride in their work. Highly recommended for reliable SEO services.
Peter Chang
Peter Chang
03:57 25 Oct 23
Thank you Jim and your team foe your hard work. Our leads increased greatly after your services, appreciate it
John Lee
John Lee
14:54 23 Oct 23
I had the pleasure of working with Jim to improve our Google search result display, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Jim's expertise and dedication have significantly enhanced our online presence. Thanks to his efforts, our business now enjoys a more prominent footprint on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find and trust us. I highly recommend Jim!

Why clients work with

Best SEO Logo White transparent flat

As a conversions focused agency which initially started out as an SEO agency, we are made up of a select group of digital marketing specialists. Our team is made of team members each specializing in their own respective fields.

You will be working with a team of copywriters, website designers, media buyers, Facebook Ads specialists, Google Ads Specialists all housed under the team of Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd.

Our agency’s main clients are those who are Small and Medium Enterprises, while occasionally working with the likes of renowned universities like Nanyang Technological University.

Unlike a conventional digital marketing and SEO agency, we are very selective with who we work with. We do not simply serve the crowd.

The amazing results that we have delivered for our clients using our unique business strategies and capabilities are a testament that our qualification process is put in place to deliver optimal results for your business.

5 Insider Secrets SEO Agencies Dare Not Tell You

5-Step Foolproof System To Get Unlimited Free Traffic From Google


Finally, find out what your competitors have done to crush you in the organic search results. Start flooding your website with leads and sales with this powerful checklist!

Claim Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Session AT ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGES WHATSOEVER

Before you book in your 30-minute strategy session, note that this is only for serious business owners who are keen to take their business to the next level.

If you are not ready to commit some time into setting your business up for success, this strategy session is not for you.

This strategy session is only for hungry business owners who want more in life. They want to scale.

If that does not sound like something that you want to do, please don’t waste our time.

Frequently asked questions AT best seo marketing Pte Ltd

You start by engaging a digital marketing agency who will go through the process of understanding whether your business is a good fit for SEO. From there, your website will be able to rank organically within 6 to 12 months. 

However, they are select businesses that are not entirely a great fit for SEO when the search demand for your product or service is low.

This can range from anywhere as low as $500/month for a shady provider up to $100,000 per month for really specialized and huge projects.

Depending on the scope and effort required for your project, the price will really differ. 

To get an accurate quote, we suggest you book in a 30-minute strategy session to speak with someone on our team.

  1. An SEO company that has proven SEO results for past clients is critical to your success.
  2. An SEO company should also have a clear strategy for the execution of your SEO campaign.
  3. Full transparency and practicing of ethical link building techniques along with quality content is also important to ensure that the SEO techniques applied to your website is sustainable in the long run.


This is a broad question.

It depends.

If you are referring to the price, then it really depends on the complexity of your project and the scope of work that you’re looking for.

Typically, it could cost anywhere from $500/month from a less reputable provider up to $100,000+ per month from a more reputable provider.

In short, it really depends.


1. Because the only thing we care about for our clients is results.

We don’t hide behind vanity metrics like “clicks”, “impressions”, “likes” and “shares” that doesn’t do anything for your business.

We care about whether you get leads and sales.

That’s what differentiates us from any other agency. We believe in true ROI tracking to attribute where the sale comes from. This allows us to optimize your marketing campaign for the best possible results.

2. We offer guarantees.

As a business owner, it makes zero sense to pay for something that doesn’t offer any utility. We want you to have that peace of mind that we’re able to deliver results otherwise there should be no reason that we work together.

Why haven’t you choose our competitor yet?

Have you identified what’s working well and what’s not?

Which strategy do you think best fit your business – Ours or our competitors’?

We have countless case studies in more than 46 industries. Simply visit our reviews page to check out all the case studies.

We also own media sites such as Curator Suite and Best Reviews which could feature your business at the top of the list! 

That’s completely understandable. In fact, we encourage you to speak with more agencies, look around and see who will be the best fit for your business.  We won’t craft a marketing strategy for you if we deem that you are not a great fit to work with us. Otherwise, it’ll bring bad reputation for our business too.

Expensive… compared to what?

What if all the strategies mentioned above did was to get you a positive return on investment for marketing?

Would that still be expensive?

Plus, we have a ton of case studies to prove that we are capable of bringing in between 2x to 25x worth of sales for every $1 that you invested. Does that sound expensive if your ROI can pay for our services by itself?

Our philosophy is that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. 

There will always be a freelancer that exists out there in the world that will charge you dirt cheap.

Why haven’t you gone ahead to work with them yet? 

We believe that we have a sound business model that treats every one of our client as a partner when they work with us.

As such, we don’t charge “sweatshop” or “mass market” rates that compete based on a lower price. If what you are looking for is simply the cheapest price and not the VALUE based on what you buy, then we can’t help you.

Typically, we advise our clients to hop on to Google Keyword Planner to see if there is anyone actively searching for what it is that your business offers.

If there are, start by running Google Ads.

Test your offer.

See how the market responds to your offer.

Then once you have tapped out Google Ads, move on to Facebook Ads.

This will increase the amount of demand for your product or service by putting a stimulus in front of your potential customer.

Once that is also tapped out as well, then move on to SEO.

The reason why we don’t advise using SEO as a traffic source to start out with is because SEO does take time to see results. So depending on which stage you are at your business, the strategy that we propose would be customized for your situation.