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Start by identifying where your leads are hanging out first

The secret to acquiring qualified and ready-to-buy leads is to identify where your leads are hanging out first.

One of the more common places where B2B leads are hanging out is on the Google search engine.

When they are looking for B2B services, they would typically type the service they are looking for, along with the keyword “singapore” at the end of their search query.

In such cases, using Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) might be a great strategy to generate leads.

However, in certain cases, if the target market is wide enough, Facebook/Instagram might be a good place to target them as well.

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Your B2B Lead Generation experts

Having difficulty in generating leads for your B2B business?

Fret not, at Best SEO Marketing, we have extensive experience in generating highly qualified and ready-to-buy leads for your B2B business.

We perform an extensive amount of research in your industry first before we propose a solution.

This is critical to ensure that we understand how your target market behave before we propose a lead generation strategy.



Don't settle for anything less than hot and ready to buy B2B leads

In our B2B lead generation strategy, we will qualify the leads for you.


By sending the prospect through a sales funnel that is designed to get them to convert.

If these prospects do not target, we can retarget them on Facebook or Instagram and email them, so that they will ultimately convert.

The reason why that is critical is because nobody will buy from your brand the first time they see it.

Research shows that an average customer has to see your brand 7 times before they will decide to buy from you.

That is why it is crucial to follow up by sending the prospects through an automated email sequence, or re-targeting them on social media platforms.

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Our process of qualifying ready to buy B2B leads

Be it through Google Ads, SEO or Social Media Marketing, we definitely want to qualify these leads before getting your sales team to speak to them on the phone.

We’ll send your B2B leads to a high-converting landing page.

By offering something of value for free, such as a “Free Report” or a “Free Checklist” for these potential customers, it will entice these leads to leave their contact details.

Most of the time we will ask for a simple name and email, and that would allow us to send these leads through an automated email sequence that would get them to book a time to speak to your sales team.

This way, you will be able to obtain only the most qualified B2B leads for your business!


Frequently Asked Questions about our B2B Lead Generation Services

Using Pay Per Click or Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing on LinkedIn are just a few of many ways to generate leads for your B2B business.

You can start by running some LinkedIn ads with LinkedIn InMail. Start targeting the C-Suite personnel in companies, which are usually the decision makers in companies that will be a good fit for your service.

You should ask the company for a track record of the leads that they have generated before. This will give you an idea whether the lead generation agency is competent in generating B2B leads for your business.

Depending on what industry you are in, using content marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing would allow you to generate some decent leads for B2B businesses.

Traditional advertising is starting to get costlier in order to advertise for your business, therefore we do not recommend using traditional advertising anymore.

Depending on your industry of B2B, potential channels would be Google Search, Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising. The choice of channel would largely depend on how niche your industry is. We will go for the lowest-lying fruit in order to get you results.

The traditional way is to make a lot of cold calls and cold emails. The modern way is to run lead generation campaigns with Facebook Ads or Google Ads, in order to get inbound leads coming into your business.

When you get on the phone with the B2B prospect, make sure you try to understand their biggest problems. Most prospects will buy your solution when they feel understood, not when they understand what you have to sell.



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